Where did it all start?

I was raised in Woodstock, New Brunswick—a small town just minutes from the Maine, U.S. border, and just hours to the East coastline of Canada. It is a landscape dominated by forests and open, wide-farmed fields. I am fascinated by the forest, and like my father, I have an endless appreciation for trees and the land around us. When I was very young, I would spend days roaming the Appalachian hard wooded forests nearby my home. I would wonder around in the woods for 4-6 hour periods, completely loosing track of time. “Where have you been!?” my mother would ask, worried.

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Looking Back, I realize that growing up in the woods—being surrounded by it—created the groundwork for my gratitude that I have toward the natural world around us. Today, that appreciation is greater than ever and growing, which ultimately  inspires me to get outside and expose the beauty around us. 


Growing up I always gravitated towards art, even though I thrived in math and sciences academically. I would draw and paint in my free time and was always told I was pretty good at it. When I was younger, I never considered photography. Back then I thought the only avenues in photography were in portraiture or for documentation purposes. It wasn’t until Christmas of 2017, when I bought my first camera, I discovered landscape photography as an art form.   

 I planned my first shoot shortly after I bought that camera. I had it all planned out with the sunrise direction, location, and subject. I was even crazy enough to get up at 6 a.m. in -20C weather just to catch the right light for the image I wanted to create that morning. I remember standing there behind my tripod as the orange morning sun slowly crept over the horizon; casting its warmth onto the blue frozen river, and directly onto my subject. I was exhilarated and pressing the shutter button like a crazy man. I walked away feeling thrilled and excited, even though it was 7 a.m. and -20C. It felt like I was the only one present; the only one there in the entire city on that early Sunday morning. Being out there, just simply standing and observing, I thought this is what I want to spend my time doing. This was on the morning that I first started photography.