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Colourful Clouds


Like most landscape photographers, the first thing I learned in photography was the importance of light. Obviously I had seen a sunset before (not a proper sunrise admittedly) but it wasn't until I became a landscape photographer that I truly started paying more attention to light.

It's true that in general the most dramatic displays of light happen around sunrise and sunset as the sun passes over the horizon. These are the typical and somewhat cliché moments landscape photographers are firing off their cameras to capture. 


However, for me, colourful clouds transcend me into an unearthly place. The deep purple and magenta hues that follow just after sunset make me feel as if I'm on Mars—where the clouds themselves are interstellar dust and gas. Or when thick black storm clouds catch light and create a dramatic display of fire in the sky, I wonder if this is what the sun looks like up close. These are the moments that seem to take me to another place.

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